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Gatlinburg Engagement Pictures Make for Perfection Kayla and I were fast friends when she first reached out. We talked ALL about her and Blake’s wedding day. They plan to elope tucked back in the grandeur of The Great Smoky Mountains. Kayla’s reasoning for eloping in the Smokies is the absolute cutest… her family’s memories are […]

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June 30, 2020

Elegant Gatlinburg Engagement Session

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Here’s a free wedding planning guide to make your day completely stress free!


May 14, 2020

Free Wedding Planning Guide

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Planning a wedding in one of the most beautiful parks in the nation is QUITE the adventure. Inviting all your family and friends to fly in and join you is going to make it even more fun!

As a photographer and videographer, I get the chance to photograph destination elopements and weddings all over, but this time I thought I’d create a guide with all my favorite places & people to work with for my brides who are planning weddings in the Smokys!


April 10, 2020

Plan Your Smoky Mountain Wedding: Best Wedding Vendors

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Calling all brides!! Let me guess, you’re in the TRENCHES planning your wedding and are getting overwhelmed, or you’re newly engaged and don’t know where to begin? Girl! I’ve got you. I have a series called “A Bride’s Guide” where I answer some of the most common concerns brides have. Looking for some help? Look no further, I’m your girl!

When it comes to picking a florist, there are major things that your florist has totally got to know to make your day what you dreamed it would be.


March 22, 2020

A Bride’s Guide: Top 6 Things Your Wedding Florist NEEDS To Know Before Your Big Day

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I want to let you guys in on a huge secret. For the past few months, Tanner and I have been praying, hoping, wishing and waiting to get into PA school. Over the past few years we’ve been really big about supporting each other’s dreams, and as you can see he’s supported mine, and now it’s my chance to support his.

It has been Tanner’s dream his entire life to work in the medical field.

When we got married, Tanner was a freshman in college, and I had just graduated and was pursuing my dream as a wedding photographer. He ended up realizing that Physician Assistant (PA) profession was the one that he wanted to do so after so many late nights becoming an EMT getting certified as a CNA and taking the GRE (Graduate Record Examinations). Working endless nights doing anatomy and physiology, he finally realized that he needed to apply to PA school.

Something about us is that we have always been a photography and videography team. We’ve lived in the Rexburg area and have served the Jackson Hole area for several years now. He’s actually so good at videography, and it’s so funny seeing him actually pursue this incredible career because he’s so dang good at video. You can see some of his works here.


March 10, 2020

We’re Moving To KNOXVILLE …. Our terrifying journey to get into a PA School

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Nestled behind Ijams nature center is one of the most beautiful quarries I’ve ever seen. In the summer people can go paddle boarding and explore the gorgeous area around. There are docks to jump off of and tons of beautiful moss covering the cliffside. 

Just a couple of minutes past the nature center is a little parking lot. In January, on a very cold morning, we met outside and these two followed me and a fellow photographer out to capture this exciting moment.

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February 6, 2020

Mead’s Quarry Engagement Photos

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Melton Hill is one of my favorite places to take engagement session pictures and bridal sessions in Knoxville. Not only does it have these rolling hills that are filled with lush green grass and gorgeous river views, it also has so much space for that features so many different locations in just one session.

When I met up with Hannah Beth and Adam, they seriously were so cute together. They were laughing and snuggly and just so easy to work with.


February 6, 2020

Melton Hill Park Engagement Session | Hannah Beth & Adam

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As I got to know their story, it was so fun being able to see them shine as they talked about each other.

They talked about all the fun memories they have together and the way that they have gone from the most extroverted fun college kids to those who love to stay at home and cuddle.


January 17, 2020

Katie Ann and Cole’s Romantic Knoxville Winter Engagements at Ijam’s Nature Park

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Summer weddings are SO beautiful, but can be extremely warm and can get your guests sweating in that heat!

It’s your big day, and a beautiful, outdoor summer wedding may be just what you envisioned, however, the logistics of making the day perfect can be a little tricky. Planning a wedding in general is time-consuming, stressful, expensive, and overwhelming; but it is also going to be one of the best days of your life because you get to be with your person forever, two families are coming together, and you get to spend time with your favorite people who care about you both so much.

There are a lot of little things brides forget to plan, when figuring out all the kinks for this monumental and super exciting day, so that’s where I come in! A summer wedding is totally attainable and can be an epic day, but let’s make sure we take care of EVERYTHING and don’t leave our guests dying in the heat, while still making sure your day is freaking PERFECT.

I came up with a few tips and things I’ve learned as a photographer whose been to tons of weddings and seen almost everything to make things a little easier on your dream day.


December 5, 2019

Summer Wedding Ideas

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“Like Celine said, I feel like I have learned SO MUCH, by going through the engagement process myself, and have been where you are, feeling so overwhelmed and I wanted to try and clear up any confusion or help out in any way I can. So I wrote a letter, to all the girls out there who are feeling like I did…

Congratulations! You are in love and about to marry the person who makes you whole. What an exciting time! Planning “the big day” can be overwhelming. Hosting your closest friends and family for one of the biggest celebrations of your life. There is so much thought that goes into practically every detail of a wedding. Details that include; venue, attire, meal options, color schemes, photographer/videographer, officiant, decorations, invitations, party favors, etc.


November 6, 2019

A Letter from a Newlywed: To All the Engaged Girls Barely Hanging On

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