Capture a lasting legacy with an experience you’ll never forget. 


Not only do you receive all your images digitally, you get a high quality, museum grade wedding album. 
You receive every single one of your edited and retouched images in an online gallery that you can view and share with all of your family and friends. Each of these albums will last for decades and are custom designed with you so that you put in every image that’s important to you. 
Our goal is to be the most genuine, personable, story telling wedding photographer and give you photos you will love forever.

Find peace of mind, knowing that on your wedding day, not only are you having your moments captured, you are working with someone who strives to know what’s important to you to be captured. 

Here’s what’s included in every package:
Every wedding includes an adventure session - whether it be a bridal session in a gorgeous seaside or an engagement session in the mountains of Great Smoky Mountain National Park. We dedicate time to create an experience as unique as your love story.


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Relax, knowing that you’re going to be able to be
present with your family & friends, while we work
tirelessly to capture images that actually matter to you.
These images with be timeless, emotional and
photographed by someone who is as passionate
about your story as you are.
You deserve an experience as unique as you are,
and you deserve to have your memories preserved
for lifetimes to come. 

When you work with Look
For THe Light, you don’t have to
worry about missing a
moment on your wedding
day. It’s going to be captured
in the way that you felt it.

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You deserve this.

"When we were looking for a photographer, I wanted someone who didn't feel like a stranger. I wanted someone who understood what I wanted and, being a photographer- I wanted to make sure I had timeless images that would last forever. I'm so glad we invested in Look for the Light Photo + Video.

I've referred her to so many family members and friends. We look at our images every single day. They're all over our walls. This is top- quality work that you will cherish for the rest of your life."



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You deserve a team who passionately cares- not only about your images but in who you are. That’s why we want to make sure we’re a good fit. We don’t take every wedding we're approached to shoot because it’s so significant that we work with the right couples with an emotional love story, and they with us. 

We would love to hear more about your story and who you are. Fill out the form and we'll be calling you soon!


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