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How to plan an elopement in Lake Tahoe

My team and I have been capturing elopements for 7 years now, and we wanted to create a guide for brides with weddings big & small with all different locations. 

So, you’re sold on eloping. You’re my kind of bride because you’re in search of adventure and unbelievable images that accurately represent the two of you. I absolutely adore the sentimental vibe of an elopement. It becomes more about you and your love and less about all the hustle and bustle.You, as a couple, can create your elopement just the way you have always imagined it. 

 Since I’ve been photographing and filming weddings, I’ve noticed that the brides who focus on being present during the festivities are the ones who have the BEST time on their elopement day. I want to help you have the best day! To help out in a little way that I can, I have created a list of some of the best elopement spots around and I have even created a free wedding planning guide just for you!

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Happy Planning!

Lake Tahoe

I am absolutely obsessed with all the wonderful bliss of Knoxville, Tennessee. This town is chalk full of breathtaking spots for your elegant. Knoxville's southern charm elopement. The personality is captured perfectly in all of its adventures and these incredible locations. Check out my top elopement spots in Knoxville to help start your elopement planning.

Are you planning your elegant elopement in the friendly and breathtaking surroundings of Chattanooga? Well, you lucky girl! This city has some of our absolute favorite eloping spots and experiences. We have absolute confidence that this list of Chattanooga's top eloping locations will create the elopement of your dreams. 

Okay. Gatlinburg is one of my favorite places in the whole wide world. The adventures, breath taking views, and southern charm of this place, is sure to create an absolutely perfect elopement. Check out these locations and adventures tucked back in the grandeur of the Great Smokies.

It's hard to beat the wild horses, small villages, towering lighthouses, and serene beaches of Outer Banks, NC. This little paradise is sure to fulfill all those southern elopement wishes. Each of these elopement spots make it to my top list because of their breathtaking beauty and the sentimental vibe I am sure will accompany your special day,

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Nashville's unique vibe makes this city an amazing place elope with your significant other! The unforgettable southern culture and fun personality of this place will add so much to your celebration. Each spot holds it's own special touch of intimacy and charm. Make your elopement unforgettable in some of Nashville's best elopement spots.



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Questioning weather you should get a wedding videographer? Trust me this will help you make that decision and regret nothing.

Backyard eloping guide

Backyard weddings are the new thing. Check out all these tips and tricks to create the ultimate back yard celebration.

pros of a wedding videographer

Wanna include some of the best southern wedding traditions into your elopement plans?

Southern Elopement Traditions

This is the ultimate brides guide to create the dreamy, elegant bouquet of your dreams.

What your florist needs to know

Check out a few more elopement tips

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